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Resources for Teaching Web Development to Kids

I’m helping put together a web development workshop & longer class targeted at girls ages 7 to 16 for Black Girls Code this summer. If you’re in the Bay Area, we need volunteers for our June 30th workshop. There’ll be a training before the workshop so no worries if your coding skills are rusty/non-existent–if you’re willing, we want your help!

Here’s some resources I’ve found for teaching web development to kids:

  • Hackasaurus
    From Mozilla, a Firebug-like tool aimed at kids that allows them to edit websites on the fly. Designed as a web dev teaching tool, for “hack jams” of one day or longer. Resources include several slide decks and lesson plans.

  • CS Unplugged
    Lesson plans & activities that teach core CS concepts without using computers. Good resource for teaching more theoretical stuff in an engaging way/appealing to different kinds of learners. Text Compression, Image Representation, and Human Interface Design would all be relevant to a web development class.

  • How the Internet Works
    A cool lesson plan about the actual systems that underlie the internet–stuff most adults working in the field don’t even know!

  • W3C Education Wiki
    Almost information overload. Detailed curriculums, lesson plans, assignments, and evaluation rubrics for teaching web development. Probably a little advanced for the targeted age group.

  • Tizag tutorials
    Not aimed specifically at kids, but clearly written tutorials using simple language covering HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

  • Web Design & Development course
    Project-based curriculum for high schools, developed by the University of Washington. Free but registration required. Last updated in 2009.

  • Intro To Website Design & Development
    MentorMob playlist of videos & articles created by Kim Wilkens for use in workshops for middle schoolers.

Please contribute others in the comments!